Pleasure, Guilt, and Purple Rain

Ohhhh She's a tired stiff body after a big few weeks of standing and snipping and guiding many yoga practices recently. But yesterday I needed a release. I wanted to move, I wanted to blast music and I wanted to close my eyes and let the body and breath lead me. I wanted to find pleasure where I could, in the comfort AND in the discomfort of this flow. 

Even though I felt fatigue and balance was a bit off, I felt safe and happy and tried come away from too much thought in alignment. I had a wonderful time! I got my release, I felt flow and movement. I felt passion, passion for the practice, passion for the music and for each moment that passed. I felt pleasure.


This past week I have been looking at the Swadhistana (2nd/sacral) Chakra in detail. Personally, I have been identifying heaps with many of the of the factors relating to this part of the energy body.


Here we have the right to feel and the right to feel pleasure. Guilt is the demon of this chakra and often plays a key role in denying us of pleasure. Do you get the guilts for doing something you would really like to do? Perhaps because we think we should be working harder instead, shouldn't spend the money, we don't have time, we must put someone else first. Yep! That's me! And it has only just started to sink in! In fact, guilt has built up many barriers in my body and my way of thinking as I matured (well, got older!) I can begin to see and feel where and when I begin to constrict the energy flow here and head toward a closed state of being.


Feeling pleasure allows us to to step right into the present, we enjoy being alive (hurrah!) Perhaps we can take on new tasks or cope with higher demands with a calmer, positive energy. Pleasure can help to feel liberated from something/someone/somewhere etc rather than feeling bound.


So...even though I had a list of things to go and get on with...I chose to stay. To flow, to open up and feel the changes occurring in my body as I moved. I found pleasure where I could and let go of guilt when I could. Easier said than done, but It is a work in progress!! 

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