Video - Our classes with Active Youth Service

We are so blessed to have been able to share the benefits of yoga and live music with our new friends from Active. Their commitment, open hearts and authenticity have been an honour to witness, and have taught us so much.


When we look back to our first few sessions to where we are now, the progress in phenomenal. By practicing together we have learnt how to keep our body happy and healthy, inside and out. We notice the gift of breath and can use it to support our body, heart and mind. We have developed concentration and focus on our mats. We have also learnt how to prepare ourselves for relaxation and maintain it for long periods of time.


We look forward to continuing our classes, as things are only getting started! Thank you wonderful people of Active, you inspire us so very much. You have had a huge impact on, and are a significant part of, our Yoga Rhapsody journey.


A huge thank you to Bruce Foster from, for capturing the session so beautifully, with such love and honesty.


Arohanui, Paul and Jem x

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