Video - classes with Alpha and Aranui

Along with Active Youth Service, we have also had the opportunity to share our Yoga Rhapsody project with Alpha Gallery and Studio and Aranui Vocational Service.


After 4 months of practicing together we reflect on the progress made. This class is always full. Whether our yogis take up a mat or simply nestle in a beanbag beside Paul for a dose of live music. Singing, dancing, stretching and relaxing is our focus and these sessions have proven to us that there is something for everyone regardless of our experience, ability, body, age, gender, story etc.


Thank you to our beautiful friends for really showing and teaching us the gift of love and happiness, and again it can be for everyone at anytime, we just have to choose it. Your energy is infectious and it is an honour to spend these special moments together.


Also a special thank you to Bruce Foster of, for capturing the session so beautifully, with such love and honesty.

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    Bruce Deniger (Friday, 09 February 2018 04:37)

    great effort.Keep going with lot more achievements.May you spread your yoga awareness among all.