Reflections from home

Jem (me) is back on NZ soil. Hurrah!


It is always such a wonderful reminder when you fly back into this country just how grateful I am to leave one beautiful part of the world and land in another.


To gaze out of the window after theeeeeee longest plane ride and take in the sheer magnificence of this land and sea is breath taking. I feel so bloody lucky I am able to call both of these parts of the world 'home'.

My time was spent with family and was long overdue. My yoga practice changed up slightly. It consisted of a short physical home practice each day which interestingly seemed to focus on grounding and strength building postures/sequences. Meditation was where I spent most of my practice. Just sitting with me. Not expecting anything and gradually opening up slowly to accept everything. (well, eventually! It's why it's called 'a practice!' ) I also introduced my mumma to some of this crucial time out of life's chaos to which she responded to really well! (Gold star ⭐️ for mumma)


A lot of my practice though happened off the mat in many different ways. I often found my self simply stopping in my tracks to take in my surroundings. I was stunned by the beauty I had missed or taken for granted whilst growing up there. I was also able to share some wee insights of what my practice has taught/unraveled/made me aware of over last few years with my parents. Things are tough at the moment and to be able to share another perspective was really helpful for all of us.


My experiences are still processing and I'm sure there are many messages woven throughout. They will become apparent when it is time.


For now though, the path continues into the unknown. Rather than racing ahead, we'll take one step at a time to take in the view. Slow it down slightly so we can receive the gifts and the beauty that surrounds our project. Yep there will be a few shitstorms ahead no doubt/yet I shan't let fear or doubt create any barriers. We will face it and make our way over their hurdles as they come.


I'm excited to see where this next half of the year takes us. We have all sorts of ideas, directions and dreams...though for now things can simmer. This will enable us to make the most of one day at a time, learning to appreciate the twist and turns this path may take. Trusting.


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