08. September 2017
" I forgot I was in jail for a while just then. When we come here, its like a piece of mind, you know? It's like, we are just here, doing our yoga. Soon as we step back out that door, we are back in jail. Thanks for coming again. "

14. August 2017
One Asana/pose in four different bodies = four different outcomes. Yet all perfectly where each body should be in that moment.

12. August 2017
Jem (me) is back on NZ soil. Hurrah! It is always such a wonderful reminder when you fly back into this country just how grateful I am to leave one beautiful part of the world and land in another.

26. July 2017
Along with Active, we have also had the opportunity to share our Yoga Rhapsody project with Alpha Gallery and Studio and Aranui Vocational Service. After 4 months of practicing together we reflect on the progress made. This class is always full. Whether our yogis take up a mat or simply nestle in a beanbag beside Paul for a dose of live music. Singing, dancing, stretching and relaxing is our focus and these sessions have proven to us that there is something for everyone regardless.

25. July 2017
We are so blessed to have been able to share the benefits of yoga and live music with our new friends from Active. Their commitment, open hearts and authenticity have been an honour to witness, and have taught us so much.

26. March 2017
Not necessarily the face you expect to see after yoga! Radiance, glow, serenity are images we may visualise rather than a wet soppy face and a snotty nose!

13. March 2017
This past week I have been looking at the Swadhistana (2nd/sacral) Chakra in detail. Personally, I have been identifying heaps with many of the of the factors relating to this part of the energy body.

15. October 2016
On Saturday mornings I go and sing songs to my Nana. She’s 92, is confined to a bed and has lost the majority of her vision to macular degeneration. So I try to bring a little light through music to her Saturday mornings – and that hour we spend together, regularly ends up being the highlight of my weekend.

14. July 2016
About four and half years ago, I participated in my first ever yoga class- I was bloody petrified!! It took me three attempts to finally get up those stairs to Hot Yoga in Wakefield St. I had just been through a very low point in life, it was dark, lonely and sad. I'm not special and this really isn't a sob story, but it is real and happens to a lot of us. Sometimes more than once. I can vouch for that.