Paul Saker-Norrish - Original Music

Hi there!


Thanks for coming to check out my original music page. Here you'll find recordings and YouTube clips of songs, both Yoga Rhapsody related and others. 


I have more original material in the pipeline, so keep an eye on here and on my Facebook page for updates, drafts and new releases.


Enjoy x

Magic Dream Bus EP (2012)

An EP of six original songs that I recorded with my band in Paris, just before moving back to NZ, at Profile on Air Studios in Paris.

Yoga Rhapsody Demo EP (2016)

A demo EP, made at home on Garageband, of the songs that I wrote during 2016, our first year of Yoga Rhapsody.

A Song for Mama

A song I wrote for my mother for her 60th birthday. Video features live shots from me playing it to her for the first time at her birthday party, and old snaps from family albums.

Miss Mercury

A song I wrote for Jem, about three weeks after I met her! I guess when you know...