What people say about Yoga Rhapsody

I wanted to say how profound today was for me. You are an amazing guide and Paul is so talented...a couple of times I had to stop and just listen and allow the energy to run through me as I simultaneously received and resisted the feelings that were coming up. I've had a hard time lately with my personal practice, especially meditation, and today felt like something shifted or unlocked and for that I'm so grateful to you both. I suspect you both know you're onto something with Yoga Rhapsody, that it's more than just yoga and music, it's a space you're creating and holding for physical, emotional and spiritual transformation and healing and that's exactly what I got today. 

Arohanui and Namaste xox


- Tash Domonkos - Studio Owner, Beginner Yogi

We worked with Yoga Rhapsody at this years R&V festival. They kicked off proceedings each day and were a hit with the crowd. They were prompt and professional in their dealings and I highly recommend them for future festival bookings.


- Hamish Pinkham - Director - Rhythm and Vines Music Festival, Gisborne, New Zealand

I did the session with you guys yesterday morning and just wanted to thank you so much. I am a swimming instructor and power lifter and live with a life long spinal injury and hyper lax ligaments - everyday life is incredibly painful and my sports make it more so . I've never tried yoga before and honestly I feel like I've come home. It has been a traumatic few months and I am somewhat ashamed to admit I was in tears for much of the class but I left your session a different person , it was a huge burden taken from my shoulders though I don't know why. Thank you so much for introducing me to something that feels so natural to a body and so calming to my turbulent mind. I can't even express the window you have opened to me.


- Prudence

What the people say about this couple - all true from my Splore meeting with them - highlight of the event.


- John Lockhart - Splore Festival-goer

Yoga Rhapsody came to the Wellbeing Group at Evolve yesterday and embraced us all through , in what I have to say was the most nurturing and deeply fulfilling class experience I have ever had. From the bottom of my heart , Thank You Both.


- Keri Onyewu – Counsellor/Youth worker

This morning's class was so lovely! I went in thinking that it would be really cool doing yoga against a background of live music, but during class I started to really understand how this powerful combination is a very healing one (although it's quite hard not to sing along with the familiar songs... ha ha ha!). So big ups to you two, taking this magic to individuals and groups who may well need it the most. I for one loved it and I wanted to say thank you as I am very grateful that I got to experience it. 


- Vivienne

I still distinctly remember my first Yoga Rhapsody rooftop session. My best friends and I journeyed up to lush green secret garden of The Arborist and were met with a warm smile and big hug from Jemma. As if she had known us her while life she graciously welcomed us into the session and the wonderful community of Yoga Rhapsody. As soon as Paul started gently humming a melody and the sun shone down onto our first asana I felt like I was home. As the session came to an end Jemma spoke of the intention of our practice, having the strength and courage to be yourself and own your journey. It was for me life changing as it gave me the insight I needed to follow my dream and reignited the fire within. Yoga Rhapsody has become an amazing part of my weekly routine. Jemma and Paul now cherished friends. I will miss this loving and supportive family but will make sure every time I'm in Wellington i stop by the rooftop for my Yoga Rhapsody fix. Namaste


- Stacey Hacket - Music Therapy student

It was Sunday and I was feeling like yoga, like every other day, so I headed into town to attend the free class at Lululemon. I was extremely lucky that it happened to be the Sunday that Jemma and Paul were guiding us. Jemma couldn’t remember her left and rights to save anyone’s life, but she showed us that that doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. She made the class and herself feel so real and just like one of us. It was her genuine ways that caught my eye. While she was leading us through a beautiful slow vinyasa flow, Paul was playing amazing music. This was my first studio class with real music. With real I mean music that we actually listen to, not the sound of waves or someone chanting in a language none of us understand. I couldn’t not sing along in my head or hide my smile. It was so exhilarating and fun and different from any class I had ever taken before.


- Maria Svantesson

Jemma and Paul are two very special people doing something from the heart, with passion and love and honesty. It's beautiful and it's inspiring!! My first experience of Yoga Rhapsody was their Sunday morning roof top yoga at the Arborist in Willis street and WOW I loved it!! This amazing rooftop experience caters for all levels and if you feel the need to just relax on your mat and enjoy the great music it's all good! Jemma and Paul are beautiful together, the atmosphere they create is relaxed yet professional and their warmth and sincerity makes you feel welcome and supported. Jemma guides the practise with a wonderful sense of honesty and realness while Paul's incredible music brings the Yoga Rhapsody experience into a truly special space. Two amazing, gifted and beautiful souls making a difference. Thank you for having the courage to follow your dreams. I feel truly blessed and honoured to be a part of your journey. Namaste


- Chrissy Kan - Yoga Instructor at Hot Yoga Wellington