What We Do

We believe our classes can provide benefits for anyone, regardless or age, gender or background. By combining yoga instruction with a varied, recognisable and above all, live, rendition of the popular songbook, we hope to open the experience of yoga up to a wider array of people. Those who may have been hesitant to walk off the street and into a yoga studio. Those to whom yoga may not be as accessible. We hope to just create a space for self, where you can be wholly you, and immerse yourself in the present. And if you wish, there is no need to do more than just lie back on your mat and listen to the music. 

Community/Voluntary classes

A significant motivation in setting up Yoga Rhapsody was the wish to take yoga further into the community, and to give those to whom it is not as accessible the chance to experience its innumerable benefits. We believe strongly in the power of both yoga, and music, to give relief to those suffering from trauma, depression, addiction, and the many other hardships which are so much a part of the human condition. We also recognise that the cost of yoga and live music is often a prohibitive factor in more people being able to be enriched by them.


For these reasons, we aim, as much as possible, to provide free classes to community organisations and groups devoted to helping people. We run a pilot program, whereby we offer each of these groups a Yoga Rhapsody class free of charge, to see if our offering is suitable, and if we can bring a little light. Following this, if the groups wish, we seek ways in which to fund further classes and/or provide our classes at a heavily reduced price, merely covering our costs.


So if you represent a group, or have an idea of one, which you think would benefit from our classes, please, be in touch!

Corporate Classes

Needless to say, a happy and healthy staff is a productive staff. If you are looking for a wellness initiative for your employees, which doubles as team-building exercise, look no further! Because the class is suitable for all levels of experience and/or physical ability, everyone can get involved. And each person can take what they wish from the experience; yoga instruction, a live concert, a moment of rest and relaxation, or a combination of all three.


What's more, we'll come to you! We have all the equipment required to set up a Yoga Rhapsody class right in your office. And if you wish to schedule a class later in the day, and follow it with after-work drinks (it's all about balance!), Paul is happy to stay on and provide you with a private concert.


So get in touch with us today, and let's have a chat about tailoring a Yoga Rhapsody event to fit your organisation. 

And... Everybody!

We are open to everything! We will provide our classes anywhere there is a group of people who want to do some yoga and listen to some live music. Sports clubs, book clubs, festivals, hen's parties, morning after wedding barbies, private parties ... you name it. Just flick us a message on the link below and we'll have your group groovin' in downward dog in no time!